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Welcome to Midwood Arts & Crafts!​​​​​

The development of your children is a natural instinct of all modern parents. The only way to raise a successful and confident person is to teach him or her to think creatively and solve problems by themselves, without counting on others. The best way to achieve these complicated tasks is to engage your children in arts and crafts. To generate ideas, pick right materials and ways of using them, overcome difficulties of learning new techniques, complete started tasks, get encouragement from the results of their work – all these and many other things your kids will accomplish in our studio.

Our Hours


Monday:        3pm - 7pm
Tuesday:       3pm - 7pm
Wednesday:  3pm - 7pm
Thursday:      3pm - 7pm
Friday:           3pm - 7pm

Saturday:       private events/craft parties
Sunday:         9am - 5pm

* We are closed on major federal holidays:


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