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Tuition for classes

The current fee at our studio


Group Lesson: $25 
Small Group: $40 
Individual / Private Lesson: $60 

Sibling Discount
We offer discounts for siblings of students who pay on time. The first student pays the full monthly tuition, and each sibling after will receive the discounted rate.


**For siblings who take classes on different days of the week, or take different classes, the discount goes to the student(s) who takes the fewest number of classes or who takes the lowest tuition class.
Make-up classes
In order to qualify for a
make up class, students must give 24-hours advance notification of their absence. Students who do not give 24 hours notice forfeit both the right to make up their missed class and the tuition paid for that class. **Make up classes must be taken within the same month of a missed class.
Extended Absences & Cancellation
Students who wish to take a break or decide not to continue with classes must send a written notice at least one month in advance.
Student Pick Up
park and please Students must be picked up on time after class. Midwood Arts & Crafts Studio cannot and will not be held responsible for students who are not picked up promptly. **For safety reasons,
comein to the studio to pick up your child.
$30 charge for any returned checks. We reserve the right to withhold service, at our discretion, from any student whose tuition account is outstanding.

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